natural GAS

Direct conversion of natural and petroleum gases into automotive fuel

(noN) hydrocarbons

Processing of various types of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon raw materials


Processing organic oxygen – containing raw materials: veg. oils, UCO, alcohols into fuels

Carbon Dioxide CO2

Processing CO2, extracted from various fuel combustion gases, into alternative fuels


WICKER has developed design documentation for the production of the GENNET Processor equipment in full accordance with EU standards and requirements.

Primary Product

it is the GENNET Diesel produced as an output from the GENNET Processor, where the input is regular EURO-5 diesel.

The Product’s competitive advantages are found in its incremental properties, as follows:

• Full conformity with EURO-6 (environmental) standard, which allows users (transport entities) still exploiting vehicles as per EURO-4 and EURO-5, to meet standard EURO-6, simply by using GENNET Diesel, without the need to replace their existing transport fleet and thus sparing considerable investment cost;

• Improved mileage (km/l) due to lower consumption of between 12–20 % depending on the type and state of the vehicle involved;

• Lower maintenance expense and prolonged engine life due to improved internal combustion.

Secondary Product

it is the provision of services. Traders and end users, which maintain considerable conventional diesel stock, are offered the service of fuel improvement/upgrade, thus achieving better environmental and energy efficiency parameters equal or better than the top branded fuels offered commercially (e.g. V-Power).

Table and the diagram provides for comparison between GENNET Diesel, conventional diesel fuel and biodiesel currently offered in EU markets.

Illustration of the industrial plant

Single independent processing unit

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